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My directory site, Anilinks, is now online!
nostalgic 3 years ago

By the way, it's still in beta stages, so if anyone has any suggestions, or notices an error in the site, please send me an email! Also, if you think I've forgotten anything you can let me know here! I've had to go through thousands of different links to make sure they were still active + had anime content, but I'm sure there may be some that I've missed.

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nostalgic 3 years ago

And if anyone wants to help with coding or create a proper database for this thing so I dont have to put in every single change, on each page, by hand, then it would be greatly appreciated 😂

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kumaclick 3 years ago

This is super cool!!

fluffyhyena 3 years ago

When you said this was a big project you weren't kidding! This is amazing!!

90sgenzkid 3 years ago

I updated my button, it's on the index page

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jesslair 3 years ago

lol the link to my site is hhttps

nostalgic 3 years ago

Fixed, sorry about that!

I'm thinking of adding a guestbook - does anyone know of a good site to use?
belovedchronicles 3 years ago

The website I use is; I've also seen to make a guestbook that's hosted on your own site.

soupault 3 years ago is privacy-friendly, open source and self-hostable. There's no free hosted plan though, the cost of not using advertising as a business model...

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