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i love to see another im@s fan! i will be updating my site to have a ritsuko shrine soon lol, but it's so cute to see your collection!
rakuen 2 months ago

i'm glad you like it! \o/ i'm super excited to see your shrine, ritsuko is great

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rakuen was updated.
3 months ago
rakuen 3 months ago

If anyone catches my kiriban, please let me know and send a screenshot ;o; I can't promise much good in return, but I can probably doodle you something

it's a bit late, but congrats on nanami getting voiced! she worked so hard for it ;o;
omg connections... i supported the kickstarter way back when ;_; super nostalgic... i know it wasn't that long ago but still. i'm so sad they're disbanding
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connections-idols 8 months ago

Thank you so much for visiting! It’s definitely very bittersweet that everyone graduated, but I’m really proud that we got to celebrate our time together with the last single :,,)

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"oh who's this--" (sees hiromi seki) ah, cc!
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rakuen was updated.
9 months ago
menmy 9 months ago

its been a while! id love to see the VA-11 HALL-A collection if u make one! <3

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rakuen 9 months ago

i'll start working on it soon!! \o/ i need to clean up my IRL collection shelf to make room for the jill nendo, too... even bought a re-ment bar set just for her

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ffxiv consumed my life... gotta update the site at least a little @_@

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