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i still need to update the front page for summer.....whoops.
okay i added the character pages for clem and jam. if you were wondering who those two on the front page and the projects page were, now you know :P
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catcakes 1 month ago

gahh i read 123 rock and it was super cute!! im always a sucker for seeing characters getting fleshed out more and the other cameos of rh characters were nice to see too. + your artstyle is so cute and they all looked adorable =‿=... i freakin love fancomics and fanzines so this was motivating to see...thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities...

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rainyshinydays 1 month ago

thank you for your comment (idk how to reply to comments srry)! im glad you enjoyed it and im overjoyed to hear you got motivated from it. from the bottom of my heart, thank you!! :D

i will be mostly offline for a while. not for mental health reasons or anything i just want to avoid side order spoilers. stay fresh!

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