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atarax 2 weeks ago

supporters have a little heart on the person icon next to their name, which coffeebug lacks

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coffeebug 2 weeks ago

how come? also no

sorry for not doing anything on my site; i was drawing stuff
hii, to answer ur question that i saw in my comment to coffeebug: i get my webamp skins from here + idk exactly what u mean by layout, do u mean my site in general or a specific part of it? nontheless i wouldnt have an answer LOL i just slapped code onto my site until it looked right :p
dietgilroy 3 weeks ago

sorry i meant how could you get webamp skins to actually work without an error

corvidaegalaxy 3 weeks ago

oh, upload the skin u want to ur site and link to it within the webamp js! scroll to the bottom of my own webamp js file to see what exact code to use :3

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sparkriri 3 weeks ago

luv ur site

xyszbellen3d 3 weeks ago

hi sparkriri what up

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thanks for following my site
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n-has-a-site 3 weeks ago

Your welcome!

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nice art; where can I see it
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icelogist 3 weeks ago

Thanks!... If you want to see more of the art that I created that's basicly it, I don't really have much published online.

how could you do stuff like this
chipsfunfun 3 weeks ago

what do u mean

icelogist 3 weeks ago

@chipsfunfun they mean how to make an iframe website, although I would advice them to look up how to do this stuff instead of asking random strangers on neocities how to do it.

blueworld 3 weeks ago

I recommend you start with using Blender and/or Anim8or before going deep into the 3D website matrix.

melonking 3 weeks ago

It’s a website! U can make one too!


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