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Holy shit this website is goldly lmao
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well, THAT was an experience
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YouTuube was updated.
6 days ago
youtuube 6 days ago

The revamped website list is live! Still need to tweak a few things to make sure the tags sink up/are proper. Huge thanks to for the JavaScript!

Is there anyone here who is adamantly against JavaScript? I am revamping the website index to list and categorize everything better using it, but I can keep the old/non JS version around if there is still a preference for it.
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webpage1990colourised 1 week ago

Other than not being a fan of its syntax I don't see a reason to be against JS. I know there is a group here that likes to make low impact websites that try to use as little energy as possible. Other than that I think it's alright and can do some cool stuff.


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