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0 tips what do you know about all these lost strips? (it seems most of them were summarized in 13: [STRIP TITLE NOT FOUND] or combined into later, longer strips)
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plorg 14 hours ago

Unfortunately, I don't have copies of those or most of the other 2012-era strips. Optimistically, most of the good content was recycled into the final version of PPC.

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plorg 14 hours ago

I *do* have copies of all the 2014-15 descent-into-insanity stuff, which I will start posting at some point.

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wow, im surprised i wasnt already following this! (im siggyjeepers from reddit)
plorg 1 day ago

Hi! You followed me just in time to watch me figure out what to do next after the Canonical PPC. ZZT games, I guess.

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