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corruptedunicorn 3 months ago

Big fan of Bernie Sanders just sitting in a corner with the mask on looking all grumpy

I hate how video descriptions work now, wtf was the point of making it like that?
youtuube 3 months ago

Screenshot of what you mean? I noticed the descriptions on "series" videos being especially bad these days, not sure if that's what you're referring to though

arkazis 3 months ago

You press "full description" or whatever the button says and instead of expanding it underneat the video like it used to, it now moves to the right side of the video, where its like an iframe within which you need to scroll

youtuube 3 months ago

It might partially depend on the browser you are using? On Opera and Brave I haven't had that issue, but it's been messed up on Edge. If you have a screenshot I'd like to see what you mean

arkazis 3 months ago

weird... it got rolled out for everybody, there is even an extension to fix this. ( Here's a pic: (this is in normal mode, in larger window mode it moves to the same column as recommended videos)

youtuube 3 months ago

I have not experienced this yet but you're right that's garbage. YouTube has made some baffling UI decisions over the years, it's almost criminal how much these web devs get paid for such sloppy work

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