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Finally made an 88x31 button for the site
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gh0ul 2 months ago


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youtuube 2 months ago

gh0ul is right, sorry justin but you must realize that this site is rooted in a terrible parody of the real world. I'll make my 88x31 explicit, but just keep in mind this is how the Tubes view you as nothing more than a piece of data

In all honesty, I am not sure what to do with the site aside from my usual updates. Any suggestions from the NeoCities?
We are slowly in the process of switching over all home page linked videos to Vidlii mirrors, expect to have it done in the coming days. Too fed up with the direction YouTube has gone, don't even want to let them get the clicks if possible.
pnnamerica 2 months ago

Cool, the dudes that own it are on the disc.

youtuube 2 months ago

@pnn indeed the dudes that own it are rather cool based on my personal experiences with them

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lolwut 2 months ago

I approve of this recent development. :^)

searchgoggloplexia 2 months ago

I honestly thought you meant you was moving Vidlii mirrors to another site (if you know you know)

youtuube 2 months ago

@searchgoggloplexia I am not mirroring Vidlii content onto PornHub if that's what you're asking XD

YouTuube was updated.
2 months ago
They brought back the profiles after that error nonsense? NGL I was afraid they blacklisted me, luckily Neocities has proven to be real as fuck. Love this platform for keepin it real
arkazis 2 months ago

The Birmingham Penile Investor's lodge grandmaster is charged with "Denial of Service on Neocities attack" after using a samsung smart fridge to disrupt the sites. Birmingham officials pledge 12,278$ to repair neocities infrastructure


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