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letslearntogether 1 year ago

What a beautiful twine. Fungi really can save a world:

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thedigitaldiarist 1 year ago

ahhh thanks for sharing! I have gotten so into fungi lately 🍄

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umhi 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing these lost dispatches, Alicia! They were really lovely to listen to :^) Did I miss a twine link about fungi somewhere? o_O In any case, on that note, I highly recommend Shane Finnan's "Wood Wide Web" series - he creates these wonderful little video essays to accompany his writing:

thedigitaldiarist 1 year ago

thanks sean! the reference to fungi & twine is from my reading journal: (lots of little changes to the site today - I have to make an update post!) I blame "Fabricationist DeWit" for my new interest in fungi. thanks for linking such an interesting and appropriate series! I will absolutely check it out :D

thedigitaldiarist 1 year ago

since it's been months, i finally put a note on my COVID-19 resources page to say it's no longer updating. the pandemic isn't over, but it sure does hit different in january 2021 than it did back in march.


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