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Thanks for the follow and for hosting our button. Look forward to seeing what you do with your website
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seppy 3 years ago

Thank you so much!!!

As arkmsworld has already noted, there is a new review up: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John le Carre
Tinker, Tailor... was an excellent book. I think I still have it around the apt somewhere. The early 80s miniseries of the story was also quite good. :)
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We reached 100K views last night. Thanks to all who have taken an interest. I've made an entry in our blog on our about page about it which has some stats:
dotcomboom 3 years ago

Congratulations! Like what you're doing.

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readingproject 3 years ago

* 282 pages that comprise the website * 179 reviews of 174 different books * 178,960 words across the 179 reviews * 33 Federalist Papers read for that project, totalling 21,082 for that alone * 9 Man Booker Prize winners now reviewed for that project * 3 main reviewers with reviews by a total of 6 different people * 9 Man Booker Prize winners now reviewed for that project

elementz 3 years ago

Wow! That is some amazing stats. Congrats!

readingproject 3 years ago

Thanks. I know what we're doing doesn't fit a lot of what people on neocities are interested in, but we're just following our own interests. It's nice to see that there's some interest in it out there, too.


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