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I've just put up our first YouTube video. If you're curious, you can find a link in our About/Blog page or at the bottom of our main page
pikemalarkey 6 months ago

Idk what you're talking about, you look and sound great. Would love to see the rest of the crew but I get their reluctance, I don't do YT either (and don't have a G account so can't subscribe). Hope your family recover with no complications!

readingproject 6 months ago

Thanks! Hopefully I'll get more proficient at it. And you do see Victoria (Toriaz) in the video, wandering through the bookstore. And you'll hear Jenny (WaywardWoman) doing voiceover for the second video. And thanks for your support all the time!

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pikemalarkey 6 months ago

True, I did see Toriaz very briefly!

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