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1 year ago
plasticdino 1 year ago

writing page is live! one kinda serious thing and one silly thing lol

irony-machine 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this. I had to fuck off Twitter forever because it was seriously messing me up.

koinuko 1 year ago

wishing you the best on making choices that are better for your mental health and sticking to them. it's definitely hard, but you are absolutely not the only person working on making such decisions - like you said, a lot of people on neocities are trying to reclaim the use of an internet space for their own fulfillment and enjoyment, instead of looking at damaging content from other people. it's one step at a time!

repth 1 year ago

I feel this, I actually deleted my tumblr account today after being on there since like '09. The unhealthy mindsets people promote not just there but on every social media platform was exhausting and I didn't realize just how bad it was until recently. I felt worse after each time I looked at social media. I realized if I wanted to take my mental health seriously I had to leave. Good on u, I know it can be hard

skitter 1 year ago

This was a really great article. I found it very relatable and hope you have a better time than I have at staying on the saddle. Also, the related images (including the background) flow really well with the writing.

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