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Any chance my website could be moved categories/have the description and button updated? It's been a while and my site doesn't really reflect where I put it originally. thanks!
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neo-neighborhoods 12 months ago

Certainly, use the join form for the page you want to move to be sure to let us know what neighborhood you were originally in and that you want to move the site. Thanks

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neo-neighborhoods 10 months ago

Your site was moved today. thanks!

The Neighborhoods have been updated! Thanks to our new HTML coder, de sinople! Everyone welcome de sinople to the team!
Hey there! Recently I've shut down MAJORHEAD, so can I add my website ( to the SoHo neighborhood? Here's the 88x31 button:
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neo-neighborhoods 1 year ago

Please use the request form in SoHo -- and also let us know which neighborhood your original site was located. thanks

Thanks for the follow..! :)
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Can I get my description on West Hollywood Residential updated? I'm no longer connecting with the word "lesbian" and I've removed the personal mental health stuff. Here's the updated version: "The inner world of a genderless dark and/or neon entity that has been manifested into webpage form. OCs (mostly gay snakes), rants about their special interest areas, and more."
neo-neighborhoods 1 year ago

Please use the join form to resubmit your site. in the description let the coder know that you want to change the description. thanks.

I should've asked this a long time ago, but I forgot to tell you about the button, so the link's image is just the broken image icon. If you want to add it, here it is: other than that, thanks for adding my "company's" website to Neo Neighborhoods! I appreciate it. :)
neo-neighborhoods 1 year ago

Please resubmit your site using the join request form and in the description add the button link and let the coder know that you want your button added. Thanks.

glad you're back
neo-neighborhoods 1 year ago

Yep, I've been super busy lately. I am trying to catch up on join requests. Thanks.


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