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Welcome to Tokyo!
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Hello! I've been wanting to join a neighborhood, but I don't know what I fit. Any help?
neo-neighborhoods 3 years ago

That's all up to you... all the neighborhoods haven't been opened yet. There is one that I really need to get open soon and that is heartland which was the catch all neighborhood on old GeoCities. It was for personal home pages, family pages and originally for pets as well until petsburgh came along. Your page can be in any neighborhood you want. It doesn't have to necessarily "fit"

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Welcome to Area51! Let us know what your thoughts are on the below proposal.
Welcome to Athens! You are a pioneer here is an award for you: if you choose to display it please link it back! thanks!
gnomical 3 years ago

thank you!!

Welcome to WestHollywood!
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While Area-51 is busy working on adding you to the neighborhood, we are reviewing your site, and it appears to be that it is hosting a collection of seperate and complete fans sites. we are happy to let you know that each of these sites can have a listing of its own each in the neighborhood of your choice! just submit each site using its own join form..
bright-eyes 3 years ago

I wasn't sure if they could be listed seperately. I turned the main index page into a splash page so that followers could see what projects I'm working on, and I don't have seperate Neocities accounts for them and I am not a supporter (yet!) who can have seperate domains for their site(s).

To those sites who don't give us a site title for the listing here is the process we use to determine one --> use the site title in the title tag in the source code / in the absence of a title tag then we use the title in the main masthead image of the page / if all else fails we will make something up... please don't let this happen to you! (yes that is a warning) :)
neo-neighborhoods 3 years ago

same process goes for site description!

Welcome to Soho!
hi ! i was wondering: is it possible to apply to multiple neighborhoods ? my site's got a little bit of everything so i was wondering (note i know that to form a request it's by email but i'm asking a question)
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neo-neighborhoods 3 years ago

Questions are welcome here... at this time we'd like to limit each site to one neighborhood. But you get to choose your neighborhood. If there is a neighborhood you want to be in that isn't open yet, just let us know and we will add it to the top of the list!

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mirages 3 years ago

alright, thanks !

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