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While we can't all be Landmark and Featured Sites... Every homesteader can proudly display their neighborhood button on their site. If you do display the button, please be sure link it back to your neighborhood.
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Welcome to Times Square, Dann! It is also my pleasure to let you know your site qualifies for a couple of awards! The Best of NeoCities: and your site is also a Landmark Site: you may display these images on your site if you desire as long as you link them back. Congratulations!
dann 3 years ago

Thank you so much. I'm glad there was a TimeSquare 'neighborhood' since I was in TimeSquare/Alley on the original Geocities back in '97.

Welcome to Soho! Your site is exceptional and deserves recognition! Here is a nice award for you to display on your site if you desire: if you choose the display the award please link back. Thanks!
danimotora 3 years ago

cool thanks! just put the link/image on my page.

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Please, if anyone wishes to join any of the Neighborhoods, submit the provided form. Make sure to include the correct URL of the website along with a description of the site as it should appear in the listing. Thank you.
hi! i'd like to be in the SoHo/art neighborhood if possible. really digging the buttons and site layout btw :)
neo-neighborhoods 3 years ago

Please fill out and submit the form, thanks.

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Welcome to Area-51!
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Welcome to West Hollywood! Here's an award for you to display on your site if you choose: Please link it back if you do decide to display it. Thanks!
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keysklubhouse 3 years ago

Awesome! Thank you very much. :D

Television city is now officially open for homesteading!
Are you waiting on a particular neighborhood to open up? Let us know so we can get to work on it
madville 3 years ago

I've been eyeing Television City - please make it happen!

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neo-neighborhoods 3 years ago

There you go...

Welcome to Soho! You are a pioneer and get to be a landmark site! Here is your graphic: if you choose to display it please link it back. Thanks!
hekate 3 years ago

Epic :-D

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