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I've got some new ones for you all... all from the show I went to last night. Sick lineup, sick tunes. All local. Audiocide, Phestur, Sohi, and Black Sasquatch. Check out Dead Silent too!
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2 months? Pft, how about 4? Life is busy. (Well, not really, but I have the stress tolerance of a purse dog.)
2 months? Lord. Well, four updates for today to make up for it. Ones I've been meaning to add. Enjoy!
kvlt 3 months ago

Still \m/ af

Looking for other stuff and saw this album cover, today's update is Krigskontrast. I don't know how I feel about those Bethlehem sounding vocals..... but I love the instrumentals!
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Today's update is a suggestion from YouTube: Al-Namrood, Saudi Arabian black metal. As good as it sounds. Serious respect owed to these guys.
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