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this is the best site i have ever seen please keep going
bardiclore 4 months ago

thank you so much!

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before i pass out - @ mutuals. if its not too much trouble, peek at the mutuals button marquee at the bottom of the /me page rq. if you notice your button isnt there, PLEASE comment here and i will add it!!! <3<3<3<3
ok i ahve been trying to figure out how to make the /other hoard look. normal. i cannot brng myself to figure something out. i need to experiment a little more but im done w this for now its getting too tedious ill see if something else can distract me for a while
absentlydepart 4 months ago

ouhgh god yeah i am such an idiot and just pasted everything here ever without actually dumping it somewhere else first huh. fuck. well. ill continue to chip away at this

absentlydepart 4 months ago

practicing being kind to my like . 20? yr old self or whatever who started this. was i stupid to just every little picture i saw online on every page without putting them on imgur first? yes. is it a pain to have to do ALL of that manulaly now? yes. but i didnt know any better

sorry for simply refining my shit rather than actually working on wips. anyway im going to be like fully overhauling my image hoard. sorry nc i was stupid and used so much bandwidth for that shit and i looks like garbaaaage currently so im gonna be dumping everything to imgr like a decent human and then resizing so you can actually visually look at the images there in a cohesive way. okay? okay
finally a day where i will be on the computerrrr a lot also im fronting again. okay cool
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i am alive. i bet you would never have thought of such a thing
absentlydepart 7 months ago

will be fixing broken shit. soon. Probably.

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