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Added a few links into my earlier posted essay on modern Japanese “traditional” culture, and a link to a documentary on Korean shamanism in the Links page.
cadnomori 23 hours ago

I adore your essay on Shinto. One thing that I'd like to add from my own research is there is an intense focus on cleansing the soul from sin and impurities in some sects, and there are many others like the Konkokyo faith that worship a kamisama but are distinct from state-sponsored Shinto from the turn of the 19th century. It is a muddied history of many things and very culturally diffused.

cadnomori 23 hours ago

I wanted to also thank you for mentioning the Ainu people and their traditions. It has been an uphill battle to preserve their oral history that many Japanese historians have taken credit for instead (see Yukie Chiri). Their recognition as an aboriginal group in only 2019 is extremely distressing. I hope I didn't say anything incorrect/disrespectful, please tell me if so.

I finished my page on my Friendly Friends! Maybe other people will like reading about my family? I don’t know, but they’re important to me, and it was nice to make a page for them.
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shuriee 6 days ago

i don't know anything about louisa watt and i don't think i have anything to add to what you said in there. it feels refreshing to see people connecting to the earth. spiritualities of control and domination are nothing but mirrors of the monster around us. keep doing you.

bmh 6 days ago

I enjoyed reading what you wrote about Louisa Watt. Witch, Christian, Athiest or whatever, we're all human and it seems all prone to similar tendencies (such as seeking fame and fortune and whatever capitalism encourages us to chase).

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