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OK... 17 placeholder neighborhood pages down, 20 to go... Once each neighborhood page is in place then one by one each neighborhood must be fleshed out with the subpages needed so they can be actually populated someday... the surface has been offically scratched!
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Additional: I have started work on a few of the districts... You can sort of see what I am aiming for by looking at Area 51 and Athens. Only the main page of those districts has anything on them... I haven't set up any real site listings in the residential or commercial districts or made any join form pages, yet.
billsworld 1 year ago

Will I ever get done with this... probably not, but like they say its about the journey, not the destination.

Cont. What I would really love to have is community leaders in charge of each district, with each district as a seperate site like Area 51 is and under the community leaders' control. That may be wishing for too much, however... anyway that is the goal. I am lazy and will work on this slowly as the mood strikes. Cheers.
billsworld 1 year ago

Anyone foolish enough to want to join me in this mess, just let me know. I'll be more than glad to show you what to do and help you get started.

Cont. With the join button in each district taking the user to a form allowing them to sign their site up for inclusion in the residential district.
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I figure everyone is confused as to what exactly this is and what its purpose is.... well it is a huge project that I started a while back to sort of recreate the GeoCities Neighborhood Directory for NeoCities sites and keep the flavor the same. Ultimately what I hope to accomplish someday is site listings in each residential district with the main page showing featured sites.

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