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Hi there, thank you for following! If I could add a suggestion, if you could add some kind of background fill or less contrasty pattern behind the text to your resources page it would make it easier to read. Other than that, purple is one of my favorite colours and the rabbits are cute. Good luck building your site!
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justfluffingaround 5 days ago

Oh, all my pages are still being redesigned, that’s why it looks the way it does. All the pages being redone are on the to-do list on my front page. And the resources page is the next one coming, almost done coding it.

justfluffingaround 5 days ago

I also to plan to add a lot more accessibility features too (especially a gif pause button), as soon as I can.

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pixelglade 5 days ago

Happy to hear it! I need to add a gif pause button to some of my pages too.

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