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i THINK im going to attempt to completely rehaul my site once again! hopefully in a way that's a little more...friendly to different screensizes? mobile may be a lost cause but a chica will try!
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i absolutely love the idea of a ships page! i've sort of been rotating the idea of having a sort of list too, since i used to do it many moons ago on tumblr! but, also mostly just wanted to mention that i saw that you had listed aoyama as one of your faves and it is SO NICE to find another aoyama fan! i do not keep up as much as i used to, but was just tickled to so him there!
meixins 10 hours ago

AHHH FELLOW AOYAMA FAN!!! 🀝 i know zero other people who love him, so this is a momentous occasion. i also have not kept up with bnha in a while, but he continues to charm... anyway thank you dee for the nice comment! i'd love to look through your ship page too if you get around to it. seeing people's ships is always a fun way to know them a little better i think lol

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Oh! I absolutely adore the look of your site! I love how thorough and full your resources page is.
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justfluffingaround 4 days ago

Thank you! I’m glad the resources page is getting good mileage!

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i think i have another idea for a bigger writing project to put here, but that will be a Later process lol
I've been away for a short minute there but, i intend to update very soon!
i loved exploring your site!! the layout of the tumblr rpg piece is awesome too (and it was rlly interesting to read about!)
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joeysluna 1 month ago

thank you so much!! i love love your site too! i really like this idea of logging your journey in this way, and your art really is fantastic.

think piece has been posted! you can find it under "my writing".
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joeysluna 1 month ago

i always get so nervous because the preview of the code never actually looks like how it looks on my screen and i'm like aww this what it's looking like to others LOL

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joeysluna 1 month ago

i also added some buttons!

made the devastating discovery that i COMPLETELY FORGOT that i had my browser set to 90% zoom and not 100%...and now it makes total sense as to why some things were totally wonky before i have to fix so much of my coding! LOL jeeeez that's a project for another time!
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