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i keep coming back to be like I AM CHANGING THE WEBSITE I PROMISE! but idk! i guess i don't want people to think i've given up, i just am mentally eel lol
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i've been getting back into neopets! i recently remade my theme! so i'm hoping to add a neopets page here once i finish all the coding!!!
i really miss this place! i went on vacation and then sort of just blacked out for four months! but i really want to sort of rehaul everything...change it up? i missed it here!
i always come back here like...i didn't give up on this! mamas just been tired and slow...but im here!
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ah jeez, i've slowed down! but between vacation and holiday shopping/'s truly taken me over!
ALSO! thank you! for the people who recently followed me! i'm sorry, i'm...very bad at just going in and commenting lol. but i'm trying to get better! sorry for this like, blanket thank you!
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i think i like, definitely found the sort of format i would like to do! but now i actually like, have to do the hard parts lol
joeysluna 8 months ago

"the hard parts" is literally starting lol ahhh...

the way the sims have trapped me in it's hole again...
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i THINK im going to attempt to completely rehaul my site once again! hopefully in a way that's a little more...friendly to different screensizes? mobile may be a lost cause but a chica will try!
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