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i wanna re-do my site a bit to make it more me focused even though my interests are a big part of me. despite me yelling always i feel like theres not enough me on this site. stay tuned for if i actually ever do that bc ive forgotten how to code
sorry for no recent updates, i am a college student and have been consumed by dc. the hyperfixation is real. if any of you are fans hmu i wanna know which comics to read
363787 1 month ago

i was a huge comics fan in high school, i recommend Batgirl (2000) and Robin: Son of Batman :)

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sayounara 1 week ago

omg another dc fan... i luv the young justice 1998 run its kinda ugly but thats okay <3

omgg enna layout ?? so cute (*´・∀・)
hi i made a page! excited to read this months book!
bookbug 1 month ago

welcome! ʚ₍ᐢ. .ᐢ₎ɞ just added you to our member list! ꒰ maple ꒱

Really cool site! Love the Enna shrine!!
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godza 1 month ago

thank u! ur site is super cool as well!

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i feel like i follow too many people, but i just love neocities! i love seeing everyone be creative and express themselves! neocities is a wonderful place!

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