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cloudcover 1 week ago

wowowow this looks SO GREAT omg!!

astersarchive 1 week ago

i love the shelves!!!

deadmall 1 week ago

thank you all ^^ i tend to stick code i got from elsewhere in the page source at the top, but this is the code for the shelves:

Thank you so much for the follow! I have been having a blast browsing your site; so many fun things to look at!!
deadmall 1 week ago

thank you so much! your site is lovely as well and your button is so cute and detailed (funny seal..). very pretty

hello, thanks for the follow ✨ your site's design is absolutely gorgeous, i love the color scheme
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syntheticfruits 1 week ago

thank you very much!! :)

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ty for the follow!! ur site is so awesome and u seem rlly cool omg :D
deadmall 1 week ago

thank you, i extend the same to you as well! i love the caterpie line, that's awesome you collect it

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i am taming the beast known only by the very frightening name of "responsive iframe"
does anyone have a magnifying glass favicon / pixel they could share with me? there used to be one on pixelbank, guess i never saved it and it's driving me wack trying to find it elsewhere
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this is easily one of my favorite sites on neocities! i love the design and the color scheme, and aster is such a cool guy, his lore is very interesting! also the custom Aster rubber-face plush and Demo the purple radio dude are so skrunkly <3
astersarchive 3 weeks ago

;-; awgh thank you so much!!!

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flops to the ground. i’ve been working on something that i didn’t initially plan on implementing into the site for the past couple days on my breaks, will be unfinished as always. also, the splash and home pages will be getting a facelift very soon ;;^^ it’s barely been a month since i've uploaded them, but i'd like them to be snappier and more responsive
i love your theme! sick website :p
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deadmall 3 weeks ago

thank you <3 yours as well, i love the backgrounds you have on the homepage and the scanline effect, v cool

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