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everyone celebrating the year 2020 for the new technology meanwhile i'm celebrating 2020 for the fauux 2020 update.
Spent four hours stacking the frames from the video:
kryptonaut 1 day ago

Gonna try again with different parameters later

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mace486 1 day ago

hopefully it yields better results. Right now the video just has the sandbox blinking morse code gifs as the ones on the homepage, so we must be missing something.

mace486 1 day ago

same* not sandbox lol

fauux 1 day ago

That's a pretty good result actually. Not perfect, but pretty good.

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mace486 21 hours ago

ooooooh interesting

"God is here, Rodent Vein. Uren, Luren, Himmelturen." Norwegian hiking tour slogan?
mace486 1 day ago

Fauux is Norwegian hiker confirmed.

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fauux 1 day ago

It may be a tour slogan, but I was referring to the original song.

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Do anyone remember the name of the 404-page recordings that played years back? It was a japanese live show that played hawaiian/pacific music.
fauux 1 day ago

this is the only recording I have left of it, would be nice to find the original. The original I used was on YouTube some years.

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