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Oh cool, I love glitch art!
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crash-stop 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the follow !

fauux sent a $50.00 tip to hosma!
3 weeks ago
hosma 3 weeks ago


fauux 3 weeks ago

Congrats hosma, you were the first to solve part III

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hosma 3 weeks ago

gotta admit that last json file really threw me off

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kryptonaut 2 weeks ago

there's no fuckin way

I wish I could write like you, keep it up!
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kinima 3 weeks ago

I wish I could make websites like you! Thank you for visiting my little corner :)

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Thank you for the follow my dude, I will not let you down!
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c4847 3 weeks ago

np. i couldve sworn i was following you before, though?

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