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your website is AMAZING!! i don't remember when i started playing but i've been hooked ever since and replayed it a couple of times. the story and the art are both so intriguing and mesh together so well giving it a sense of mystery and eerieness i can't quite explain. eagerly awaiting for updates!
corru 2 months ago

thank you so much for the kind words frocio!! you will not have to wait very long fortunately 😈

you!!! 🫵 hey you! 🫵 ("who, me?" - you), yeah you!! are YOU interested in a kinda long thoughtpost i wrote about CORRU . OBSERVER? ("whats that" -you) read all about it here!! a few bits about ep3, some musings about da future of content, that kinda thing. if you don't have a cohost account feel free to just reply here if you have any thoughts you wanna share
youreyesonly 2 months ago

it is freaking time... To observe the colur!

marbelynrye 2 months ago

the lil goober

1 sec im getting a call 🔮👂 huh? wat? ? the 16th? what does that mean.. who is this? ... thats weird they hung up
marbelynrye 2 months ago

counting down....

ninacti0n 2 months ago

The corru from the future is calling, they want the observers tuned 👁

marbelynrye 2 months ago

i hear it calling

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npm-i 2 months ago

the call!!!!! it's joever!!!!!!!!!!

theelement 2 months ago

it's.... it's qouver!!!!

holy SMOKES your new homepage is so freakin 🆒🆒🆒!! the way the store is integrated too... awesome work
ongezell 3 months ago

Thanks a lot Corru, appreciate it (´◡`) I’m really happy with how it turned out

salutations friends and Fiends!! we are halfway through june and so i wanted to give a little status update on EP3! my original projection of 'late june' was decently close... but wrong! it will take like a little longer than I thought, but probably only by a week or two... i will say that the absolute latest I want to launch it is like the weekend of july 15/16
corru 3 months ago

basically, there are a bunch of little things adding up - some initial art block setbacks from early dev of ep3, the number of new little things that need tuning and connecting, finalizing the art and music... it's just clear 2 me already when i take a step back and look at everything that we gotta push it back a little bit.

corru 3 months ago

anyway, sorry that it's taking so long, i'm doin my best to make sure it's worth it!! as a consolation, here's my dog:

h3 3 months ago

don't worry, take your time. rather a late release than a rushed one

had your page sitting around in my bookmarks for a while now and boy i wish i got to it sooner. technically still in the middle of this but, i really love it. visually, and the writing/lore is so interesting
This is easily the best website I've ever seen, especially on Neocities. Damn its good
corru 3 months ago

wow 😳 thank you!!

I cant wait for EP3! The short soundtrack snippet is very cool already!
counting down the minutes until the end of the funny month......
corru 3 months ago

i'm doin da best i can! the scope of this episode may have gotten away from me a little bit... but even if it's late it won't be mega late!!

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I gotta say, I had NO idea what I was in for when I clicked on your site! This is an absolutely phenomenal project!
corru 3 months ago

thank you for the kind words my friend!! more surprises to come!

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