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Finished porting over the very last pages and redirects from the old site. Only new shit from this point on
chitinlink 1 week ago

I really wish I had some control over the site updates I post to the feed. All my pages have "updates" because I'm working with Next.js and every new export changes around the paths on every page. and pages also just display as if they didn't have any styles applied...

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Minor update to the button info page. Also, writing this here as a note to myself: I need to rethink the layout for blog posts so other blog posts are linked on a sidebar or something. Will need a smaller font (maybe vistaserv's pixel times new roman?)
chitinlink 1 week ago

Also, make a credits/humans.txt page.

I love your art!
rexalted 1 week ago

thank you!! ♡

I'm starting to think i should look into lossless compression for my images. Especially the backgrounds.
Putting up a new page about my 88x31 button. Plus a bunch of tiny fixes as usual.
Minor update to some copy stuff. I'm gonna try to tweak my update script to upload the frontpage last so these update previews don't always have the funeralcity redirect as the first thing every time.
What an awesome vibe your site is. Those visuals are awesome. Absolute respect for playing all those 10/10 games. Everyone who played Spy Fox Dry Cereal is a cool kid to me, haha.
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chitinlink 1 week ago

thank you!

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