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Oh ya forgot to post about it but my discord status shows up on my site now too
chitinlink 1 month ago

It also updates in real time if you have the website open which is complete overkill but hey that's just what the lib I'm using does

Added my discord profile pic + online status. Didn't have enough time yesterday to add status message, still gotta figure out how to make that look nice
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Minor updates. I am a year older, updated the timezone, added some smaller buttons to places, more links
It's been at least 2 times in the past where I've set up a project to use pixel fonts, and then shortly regretted it... And guess what, this makes the 3rd. I will probably switch to something else at some point.
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i like your spreadsheet of things you've completed ! would compel me to mae my own but mine's already spread out across sooo many different sites and the google doc i have is a bit of a mess, maybe one day this summer :3 neat site
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chitinlink 11 months ago

thank you! i will say, the spreadsheet is pretty low maintenance once you get over the hump of setting it up and writing down everything that should already be there

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sasaja 11 months ago

yeah honestly! i think the biggest mistake i made in mine was making four separate columns instead of four tabs D:

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chitinlink 11 months ago

New blog post about how I keep the pixel fonts on my site sharp... as long as you view them on Firefox I guess


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