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hello friends! we have all of the EP0 and EP1 music up here now!! yippeee!!
paintkiller 3 days ago


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getcubed 3 days ago

yesss love it

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3 days ago
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corru 3 days ago

This is an update to the system menu on all pages, for.... ..! !!! !!! (status update coming soon) was updated.
4 days ago
corru 4 days ago

(little fix for a bug we accidentally created on the homepage when you went to sit down)

hello friends!! in case anyone ran into this stuff, i just pushed an update that fixes a bunch of funny little embassy camera bugs, and also the save export button not working after scanning certain things! 🟣🔨
corru 4 days ago

also i've experimentally implemented the Cache-Control meta tag to only store stuff for a day, to prevent weird bugs from having way old versions of the site

corru 4 days ago

*meta HTTP-EQUIV="Cache-Control" CONTENT="max-age=86400"* if you're curious, we're gonna find out together if it actually works 😈

corru 4 days ago

ALSO major thanks to theelement for catching that embassy stuff

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old saves work! we tested a bunch, but this update changes a lot of 'back-end' stuff and functionality, so let me know if you run into any craziness! we identified some weird behavior that happens rarely with Mac Chrome that we're still trying to figure out, it doesn't happen to everyone but you'll know it if you see it

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