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The whole design of your site makes me smile- definitely going to spend a while listening to alternate pop dimension!
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colrana 2 months ago

aw thank you so much! it makes me happy to hear that!! ^^

colrana 2 months ago

i have to also say i absolutely love your brain resources page and have shared it with some friends in the past! you got a great site filled with resources its incredible

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So I MIGHT be uploading a massive zipfile of all the music I could dig off my hard drive onto turns out I've written about 2 gigabytes in 8 years!
Got mixed into the update of 21 hours ago, but I just pushed a reworked version of my radio file page and I'm in love with it.
kph 2 months ago

omg it's so pretty!! I love the borders.

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Owl's Roost was updated.
2 months ago
owlroost 2 months ago

Project page overhaul- things will break here and there while I iron out bugs, but this should make articles way easier for me to maintain in the long run.

Love the aesthetic of your site! Makes me smile looking at it.
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owlroost 2 months ago

Oh, and your fursuit! First time seeing a meerkat suit and it WORKS.

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shwintykat 2 months ago

Thank you so much ;;;A;;;

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