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club jess was updated.
8 months ago
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clubjessica 8 months ago

changed the logo and homepage background as a first step to make the site more accessible to people with visual sensitivities. planning on making the gif motion on the cat club toggle on and off for the same reason

your website is so cool!!! thanks for visiting mine <3 :)
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What a cute website!! (^_^)
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clubjessica 9 months ago

thank u so much!!! yours is awesome!

Glad that the Flexbox Froggy link helped! That's exactly why I keep adding links to that page. Hooray for learning things!
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club jess was updated.
1 year ago
clubjessica 1 year ago

new blog post, removed "likes" and "flag" from guestbook. still need to adjust colors for higher contrast

owlroost 1 year ago

Nice find!

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Updates from past few days: added guestbook, changed cursor, changed some colors and backgrounds, updated inner door images, updated resource list, cutified a few things!

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