Anoles, Quails, And Maybe Cattails

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oh, forgot to mention, I made a nicer menu that is more organized. Now, all the quail stuff is all together, as is the skull stuff, etc.
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Made a polished version of the big artwork on my homepage! I still have the old one, but I thought a brand new art would be a nice change.
even though I am unbelievably busy with work, college, caring for my animals, and a large array of hobbies, I decided to start an online illustrated guide to north american skulls. This, along with the entire site itself, will update slowly but I hope people enjoy it!
anolesquailsandmaybecattails 3 weeks ago

Had to stick watermarks on my images since I can't trust people or ai not to steal them (I trust you guys but this is on Pinterest also, and ofc ai may still. ugh.) I don't mind if people use my images as long as they credit me, but I made some watermarks to be safe. I will likely work on making those more aesthetically pleasing. Also, if anyone has any animals they'd like me to do, let me know!

I am going to start something really exciting! My fellow exotic pet owners and artists will love this especially (Maybe we can do a collaboration someday!!!) Stay tuned
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I love your insect art! I myself like realistic art, so your bee, and your AWESOME bilateral hemaphrodite swallowtail are ofc my favorites, but the anthromorphic insects, especially the firefly in the colorful outfit, are so well designed! (does that firefly have a name? it just looks like such a great character)
bensect 1 month ago

hi!!! the firefly is my sona its name is flicker :D

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