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hi guys its my birthday!
vencake 6 months ago

happy birthday!

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thechillzone 6 months ago

happy birthday!!

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im still confused how dnis are supposed to work on neocities. im suppposed to be like "oops i clicked on a website but they have me in theyre dni time to earase it from my memory"
vencake 7 months ago

Yeah the ones that aren't meant for ttt or w/e make no sense. Though dnis I find usually are really specific and unnecessary anyway

marriage ended with volo now agent 8 is my wife... (thanks koi for agreeing to change the ring chara for thrid time...)
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Yer site is chaotic, love it, also Zorua good :thumbs-up:
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did some deciding on new layout, it would be alot diffrent than current one.
crossparadise 8 months ago

ignore my shameful attempts to add a pokering. im struggling

cattenyao 8 months ago

Omg u updated!!!

Latelyy i dont have motivation to do anyhing and nothing i code seems to look good, so dont except any updates any time soon :/

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