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hey im srry to disturb u but can u remove me from the list? im gonna totally revamp my site and its def gonna be broken so its prolly best if im not on the ring
hey sorry to disturb but could you remove me from the funky ring? My site it gonna go thru major changes so it may be broken for most of it, i've loved my time on there btw! one of the coolest rings!
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2 months ago
small uodate for the site i rlly dont have the inspiration to continue im sorryyyy >_<
im sorry i've just kinda vanished :(
thinking of redoing the site
so without any corny "oooh its woooke now" shit can someone explain what happened?
visitblueplanet 5 months ago

the webring had an overwhelming amount of members for them to manage (I think it was like, over 5,000 members?I can't recall properly)

solitarygamer 5 months ago

not just the webring but just about every aspect, from the discord to the forums somehow, had more members than they were willing to manage, despite pushing for a desire for a thriving community

reanimator 5 months ago

former mod here - we go over it in the manifesto but in short, we felt that the community was growing too large and too divergent from what we thought was productive or healthy and the emotional toll it was taking on the moderation team was vastly outweighing any positives we saw from the community.

reanimator 5 months ago

it was less about what what we were willing to manage and more about the fact that we simply couldn't continue at the rate we were going, we had made a lot of mistakes and felt that it was going to be extremely difficult if not downright impossible to course correct. cutting our loses felt like the best decision for not only us considering the fact that a lot of us were struggling with burnout and fatigue, but

reanimator 5 months ago

for the community as well considering it was clear that what we were doing wasn't working or making the environment we truly wanted to foster.

haitus still ongoing
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