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just a reminder that i moved hosts, if you still follow me i recommend going to my site ( and subscribing to my rss feed for updates!
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pixelglade 1 month ago

Oh which host did you end up going with?

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reanimator 1 month ago

I ended up going with teacake!

sorry for recent inactivity - been really really busy with school/work lately. semester ends soon: after that, i'm taking a week break from the internet outside of keeping in contact w/ a few friends 1 on 1, and then i'll start updating the site again. thank you for your patience.
in celebration of my joining the alterhuman webring run by @sugarteara, i plan on making a shrine or some sort of page dedicated to my alterhumanity! i'll make sure to post a link to it but please stay tuned since vincent's dungeon is no longer hosted on neocities and as such you won't see updates here
hey fellas whats going on in this thread

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