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webpage1990colourised 3 weeks ago

Very compelling, but I would like to now the context behind it.

covid2009 3 weeks ago

neocities user cybercord is a diceorg member, which is a cult that encourages self harm, doxxes, hacks, and the leader abused their dog. he commented some transphobic shit on arandomsite's feed which sparked yet another episode of neocities drama.

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webpage1990colourised 3 weeks ago

I had seen the dice group thing when looking into it and it did seem like a cult thing. Probably because it follows every cult gimmick that you learn about in school like praying on outcasts, shame that people would fall for it.

hey i'm just checking in on you do you like my skeleton pics? aight i'm gonna add some more stuff, c u l8r
chipsfunfun 4 weeks ago

epic skelies

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