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0x09tf 1 week ago

I really like the urban forest page; it really nails down a peaceful and serene vibe... Kinda surprised to see non-peachy looking pages; are you about to go rogue with some more freestyle experiments? :D

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thedigitaldiarist 1 week ago

you heard it here first, folks - I'm going rogue! haha thank you! I took that photo a couple weeks ago. I would love to experiment with different styles for more pages. it's about time for a little more visual interest!

umhi 6 days ago

Ahh... so nice :^) Thanks for sharing! Excited to see where this new rogue direction takes your pages hehe So nice when you have the basic framework & content in place and can just start playing around! I may be heading in a similar direction with some of my sites soon as well... but recently went a little too rogue and created a couple of pages which my browser can't handle x^D

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