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thedigitaldiarist 3 months ago

added a couple newsletters to "articles of interest" ✨

nosycat 3 months ago

Nice articles on twinescapes!

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thedigitaldiarist 4 months ago

new song and update on the homepage! a day late, but ah well. feeling a little under the weather lately, pals, but such is the way sometimes. as usual, if you'd like to skip to the video, you can find it here:

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letslearntogether 4 months ago

I can identify. Thankfully, the sun is still there hidden behind a cloud, and its warmth feels so pleasant when it appears after a rain.

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umhi 4 months ago

lovely song as always :^) and how you've been feeling definitely resonates with me as well. on a related note, just the other day while speaking with a friend, i described myself as a snail slowly making my way through a windstorm hehe but yeah, autumn is the season which replenishes me most!

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