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does anyone still use tumblr? i just logged into mine after a long time and its........ very........ quiet....
teddybear-halo 3 years ago

I use it sometimes!!! Just strictly for looking at cool pictures, but it’s kinda fun once you finally find where the active people are.... ^^;;; it doesn’t have quite the same vibe as it did back in the day, but it’s kind of cozy? My user there is squirmingworms 💕

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plasticdino 3 years ago

I use it everyday lol, also mainly for pretty pictures. My url is carolinaglaser

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oddity 3 years ago

Funny you ask, I was considering going back on there lmao

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dicedliver 3 years ago

i still use it, mostly just for checking on whatever the fandoms i like are into or for finding cool photos lol

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