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You got JAUP'd!
nightmarefantasmic 4 years ago

Why thank you! ^^

David Bowie is also my favorite singer! Labyrinth is my fave! ^^
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madville 4 years ago

You remind me of the babe.

candymilk 5 months ago

eeeek!! I love to hear it -- he is the best.

Super cute so far! Can't wait to see more! ^^
You're so good at pixel art! ^-^ And I love your Sonic shrine!
softheartclinic 4 years ago

Thank you! I hope to be adding more to the Sonic shrine soon - Sonic was a huge part of my childhood.

Super cute site, I love it! ^^
holy shit im in love with your site!!!!!! this is my favorite 2000s web design style omg
nightmarefantasmic 4 years ago

Omg thank you! ;___; That means a lot to me! Honestly it's all I still know how to work with! ^^; I love your site too! Especially the Utena and Anime Turnpike gifs!

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melodicake 4 years ago

i really love it a lot, the design is so cool and expressive annd fun! <3 aw thanks too btw

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