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ophanimkei 1 month ago

so many.. so beautiful

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vivarism 1 month ago

Oh it's so great to meet Narcissa!! The OCs that we hold onto for years and years are always so special <3 I can't wait to hear more about her and Milky and their other friends. They must get up to some really funny antics... a slice of life with all your OCs would be perfect! I'd buy every volume from my local comic store heheh

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strawberryreverie 1 month ago

i'm already in love with narcissa... she's so cute!! i hope her kansai accent still jumps out whenever she lets it slip up, maybe by accident... and i love seeing your figure/collection updates as always!! take lots of pictures of leon when he comes in! a shame about the collection weeding but it has to be done.

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loves1ck 1 month ago

@flonne, aw thanks so much for always taking a peek at my silly site updates T_T ♥ one day i will draw little comics about my ocs....(but lets be real, probably not!!! 😭LOL)

loves1ck 1 month ago

@arachne hehe thank you!!! you know i love my cute girls..i will definitely take pictures of leon when he arrives! im just hoping that having him in my hands wont spark me going into a leon merch buying spree @_@

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