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feeling very conflicted with the federiefederi situation, i'm seeing a lot of people leaving because of "scheming"? idk... will wait for them to say something maybe? i don't like seeing negativity on my feed
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13 hours ago
rhinedottir 13 hours ago

super long ranty entry... i kinda wanna crawl in a hole after writing this lmao

added more followers buttons<3
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can anyone help me with winamp? every time i try to install it to my site, it always tells me that there was an error with the skin? i'm so confused
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6 days ago
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americasdecline 5 days ago

love the look of this shrine! also you may be interested to know I recently added Britney's Believe fragrance to my collection! I'll be posting a review on one of my pages soon.

added a cute little game room page, only two thingies on it atm! if anyone knows of anything else i can add to it lmk<3
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1 week ago
rhinedottir 1 week ago

yay new blog layout

added a new button, it is a png now so please make sure you update it if you have my button<3
will eventually make a new button to match the new layout...eventually...
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