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bluef00t 2 months ago

testing out a script for putting breadcrumbs at the top of the page that had to be tried on the live site (it uses the url of the page, you see.)

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bluef00t 2 months ago

Also, finally actually hosting my art ON MY SITE. It's shameful I waited this long. Years ago poor cuberton tried to tell me that a lot of my externally linked images were broken from their point of view (since tumblr/discord were blocked on their school computers) and I gave some unforgivably flippant answer like "that sounds like a you problem". god no, I'm the webmaster, fixing that is absolutely my job

bluef00t 2 months ago

I finally passed 25% storage space usage and had a brief moment of panic before realizing that using up barely a fourth of the site's storage really does Not matter. (If I'm smart about this refactor, I might get it back down again, too.)


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