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Ladies, gentlemen, and neocitizens: those of you who switched to a static site generator, how much hell was that transition?
bluef00t 2 months ago

I want consistent control over headers/footers, but I also have at least 3 totally distinct "sub-sites" that I don't want to mess with, and do NOT want to have to convert my stuff to markup.

marijnflorence 2 months ago

I used a static site generator for my blog, and it was, quite frankly, a *massive* pain in the arse to update β€” that’s why I switched away from Neocities for the actual hosting side of things, because I just wanted to use WordPress and get it over with. I also used an SSG for some other pages but it turned out to be easier to just edit raw HTML in the long run

bytemoth 2 months ago

Actually a preprocessor, but piss-easy: - pretty simple, works on only the files you specify. Gets pages looking the same, or you can use if-else statements in the template for variation. Custom macros, too. Is nice.

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