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2 months ago
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first blog out yalls....... threw it together in 15 minutes.....
ur site omg its so cute and i love how simple yet like i use this word to much pleasing
a0i 3 months ago

omg thank you so much!! i love your site too!!

Thank you so much for the follow! I absolutely love your site, wish I had enough assets curated to make a cutesy website like yours. Sick shit, can't wait to see updates!
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trollmama44 was updated.
3 months ago
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i wanted to say i love your site SM@@!!@!@!!! this is one of my favorite sites i've seen on here if not my favorite and im being 100% srs!! i added ur button to my page aswell!!!! i j love ur site sm ty for following me ahghghghhghgh
cygnet 3 months ago

thank you SO much i am really so touched uhhuhuuu this is the sweetest thing ive heard about my site im glad u like it ⭐⭐ i love ur site too ur progress looks fantastic so far anf the graphics r to Die for!!!

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do you guys know like how to make website buttons? like tips or programs?? mine was just made from a background and a gif and some text but it wasn't like my art or my program or anything. any tips??
tsuinosora 3 months ago

I personally used FireAlpaca and made individual frames for the gif, and then put them in the EZGif website? Specifically for the animated button I have I used the cross-fade frames and had two main frames: one with text and one without. That's how I make most my blinkies and other assorted graphics, too. There's better art programs than FireAlpaca, I just haven't upgraded because I like it lol


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