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No wonder nobody did the crossword after 3 months. I was so evil with these clues I'm so sorry I did not realize at the time
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lone 17 hours ago

shulks scrapbook i am so sorry i forgot to do ur crossword i saw it on mobile and i was like "i need to be on the computer for this" but then forgot to do it because life got so busy ;_;

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beyondthesky 1 week ago

oooh the charcoal leg illustration has to be one of my favourites you've done so far !!

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shulks-scrapbook 5 days ago

Really??? thanks! It was one I threw together super fast and didnt use photo references lol

noctilum 1 week ago

ooh the Freesia Cyst is really pretty! blessed by Meyneth...

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if you see me updating like every page on the site sorry im trying to implement the fix that keeps the left sidebar from glitching before the page loads. on every page
beyondthesky 1 month ago

i am now adopting "dunban enjoys romance novels" into my headcanon

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