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anlucas 4 years ago

Special Bulletin: New articles/blog page is in the works. Stay tuned! Or connected, I guess, since this is the internet.

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spriteclad 4 years ago

why do i have a feeling you're taking inspiration for the articles page from me :-)

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Holy shit i lost my cursor in that 404 page.
2bit 4 years ago

your cursor probably got noscoped by snoop dogg. Sorry about that.

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1034co 4 years ago

@journeythroughamerica Your epileptic viewers got "noscoped" by all the flashing lights because they didn't expect to go to a flashing page when navigating something supposedly in your website that doesn't exist or a broken link. Especially when anyone can randomly get epilepsy out of nowhere. The only exception to this is if they are following you, but not everyone follows you.

2bit 4 years ago

@1034, I agree that the page could cause epileptic seizures, but if something like that could trigger a seizure, probably a site jittering while loading could do it too. I don't think people with a severe condition should really be on the internet.

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