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Noo I accidentally deleted the message A.N. Lucas ;( I accidentally clicked delete DX
anthonynaber 2 years ago

What does A.N. stand for?

anlucas 2 years ago

you deleted worlds longest neocites comment chain? u lose one gold star - ✰

anlucas 2 years ago

a.n. could stand 4 anything. Annoying Noob, Anna Nicole, or possibly Autistic Nugget. The world may never know.

anlucas 2 years ago

actually it is to retain relative anonymity on the hectic predator-filled world of the 2010s 'net, which may be a futile effort in this case as a certain 59x59 px icon on my About page could be used to identify and track me down resulting in my demise.

anthonynaber 2 years ago

I've seen longer neocities comment chains, but sorry DX. Also, can A.N. stand for Anthony Naber? :)

thank you for following me. it is clear that, as the owner of Neocities, you have enslaved this populace. i am wililng to buy slaves at reasonable prices.
yes its middle school

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