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hey! just saw your theendpoem link on your website, that was really nostalgic lol. was also a p cool read, did you check it out?
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wichitalk 1 day ago

JUST READ very interesting stuff!!

:0 revamp!!!! so excited :33
bruisedgh0st 6 days ago

yes yes!! hopefully it will turn out well !! wish me luck !!

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psst "some artists that i like a lot: ... radiohead" have you seen this cover of no surprises? Also imo dui by estelle allen and Haunted by Laura Les both slap (breakcore i think)
amuffin 1 week ago

ALSO YOU LIKE ROLLERBLADING TOO!! no yeah its so fun feels like flying honestly and like i got the chance to go to a skate park in them and use the ramps and it was so cool,,, when my spring break rolls around i'll go roller blading with some friends for the first time and its going to be so cool

amuffin 6 days ago

another update on top of this ^

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