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Hi!. i had a question about adding a rhythm game section on top of game would that be possible? i plan to do more rhythm game content then just regular games? if that make sense.
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neo-neighborhoods 3 years ago

NeoCities Neighborhoods is for the most part a clone of all the neighborhoods are the original neighborhoods of old GeoCities.

what section do i follow under?
neo-neighborhoods 3 years ago

YOu can be in whatever neighborhood you would like to be in... But if you are asking for an opinion, well the site appears to still be Under construction. If you are going to concentrate on gaming perhaps TimeSquare? Pick a neighborhood with a theme that you like and join!

sillyfanboy 3 years ago

can you add a rhythm game section? im going to make more content with rhythm games but also games

neo-neighborhoods 3 years ago

Unfortunately there won't be any new neighborhoods created in Neo-Neighborhoods, with the exception of maybe Picket Fence, Pipeline, and Augusta since they were actual GeoCities Neighborhoods... but they were added after the site makeover of 1998. To make any new Neighborhoods would require the creation of all new graphics from scratch and everything else involved... 38 neighborhoods is already a lot!

Does anyone have the w3c fail it gif?

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