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websitering 1 week ago

Just correcting a date I got wrong. No big deal.

Added the Old-Site & the Bible Verse of the Day
Star Wars trailer, except the video footage is from Message from Space:
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Volunteer to Edit Curlie! Make the web a better, more organized place! If you have a favorite video game, I suggest volunteering to edit here: Most video game categories are small; you can get used to the editor interface fairly easily, then volunteer to take over another. It only takes half-an-hour a week to add sites & clean up old suggestions. Less, once a category is clean
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Added the Old-Site & Bible Verse of the Day.
Comment Pole! Do you like Pokemon, & if so, what's your favorite one?
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chameleon 2 weeks ago

hoenn region game-wise, or bulbasaur's evolution set for a fave pokemon

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owlman 2 weeks ago

Never had an interest in it, never will

strata 2 weeks ago

The original Ruby. Also, Pikachu lole.

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roachparade 2 weeks ago

i do! i adore pokemon black... and larvesta is my favourite!

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tinypaws 2 weeks ago

I think some of the Pokemon animals are cute but i just never got into those games

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websitering 2 weeks ago

Yes. Probably the 1st region; probably Charmender.

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